The descriptor instantiationMediaType identifies the general, high level nature of the content of a media item. It uses categories that show how content is presented to an observer, e.g., as a sound, text or moving image.


/ pbcoreDescriptionDocument / pbcoreInstantiation / instantiationMediaType



1 time or less

May Contain:

4 or less optional attributes, specific:

Contained by:

Contained with:

[Any elements used MUST appear in this relative order]


  • <instantiationMediaType source="PBCore instantiationMediaType" ref="">Moving Image</instantiationMediaType>


2 responses to “instantiationMediaType”

  1. Amanda Raab

    I don’t understand why a general media type description is assigned to an instantiation. Seems like this would be better placed within the overall . Because whether an moving image is an mp4 file or on a VHS tape, it’s still a moving image.

  2. Dave Rice

    Hey Amanda, For instance today’s Democracy Now episode as an asset is not really moving image or audio. The instantiations include a CD, DVCam tape, mp3, mp4. Some of those instantiations are a ‘moving image’ media type, some are ‘sound’ media type. A printed transcript for be another, though all the instantiations are renditions of the asset in different forms.

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